Water Gardening

Water Gardening

Building a pond or maintaining an existing water feature?
We have it all: 

  • Hardware
  • Pumps, filters & hoses
  • Liners
  • Pond accessories & decor

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What’s new? Floating island planters are versatile, sturdy, and easy to use. They’re suited to a wild range of plants from traditional, moiturre-loving plants, event herbs, grasses, annuals, and houseplants.

Marginal and bog plants

Marginal and bog plants grow in the shallow water around your pond. These plants add visual texture by creating different heights, shapes and colours. Marginals and bog plants like being planted in 0-6 inches of water and grow extremely well in wet mud.

  • Horsetail                                                              
  • Cattail
  • Rushes
  • Lizard’s tail
  • Sweet Flag
  • Water Clover
  • Penny Wort
  • Water Baby’s Breath
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Water Violet

Oxygenator and floating aquatic plants

Oxygenator and floating aquatic plants are totally submerged and die if allowed to dry out. Some root into soil and others just float – without roots. Oxygenators help keep plant water clean and clear by absorbing nutrients.

  • Water Violet
  • Hornwort
  • Parrots feather
  • Floating heart
  • Water Hyacinth
  • Water soldier plant
  • Water Lettuce
  • Duckweed
  • Water lilies