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Perennials offer an ever-changing aspect to your garden and are easy to maintain.  We carry a wide selection that includes everything from the tried and true classics to the newest plants being offered and most of our perennials are grown right here at The Green Spot Home and Garden.  The biggest thing this year is actually – smaller; bold, bright, flowering plants in a more compact form.

We are also very excited to offer a Native Plant selection from Prairie Originals.  These plants just make sense!  They are so beautiful and will help bring back our beneficial bugs, bees and butterflies.  The least maintenance requirements of anything you will ever plant.  There are so many advantages to planting native plants; disease and pest (including deer) resistance, winter hardiness, adapted to our conditions and they are oh, so beautiful.

Let us help blend your idea of beauty with plants that are right for that spot.

click here for 2016  New Perennial list 

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