Raised Beds

Raised Beds for your Garden   

Benefits of Raised Beds

– provide an attractive design element for your garden
– soil quality is controlled
– easy to irrigate
– soil-based disease can be dealt with effectively and quickly

 How to…

Planning is important. Be sure to consider lighting and available space when considering the location of your raised beds. You may want to design your own or purchase a ready- made raised bed. The Green Spot carries raised bed kits from Frame-It-All.

You are in control of the soil quality and there are many options for the growth medium for your bed. Take a look at  Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening book for one recipe. Remember that you can substitute the peat moss with coconut fibre (coir). Mulch spread over the top of the bed will provide some weed control. Check the pH of the soil and make amendments as necessary.

For enhanced drainage, be sure to add in some compost and sand. Drip irrigation and soaker hoses are ideal for watering.

To keep pests out, cover the bottom of the bed with chicken wire and bird netting over the top, as needed.

And should you have the mis-fortune to acquire a soil-based disease, you can change the soil and begin anew. This is a major advantage of raised beds. With a traditional in-ground bed, you would have to wait it out!

A great resource page to help in your raised bed gardening can be found here at Loyal Gardner!

Consider a raised bed or two for this season. You’ll be pleased with the results!