For the garden

For the garden

Fashion an oasis of leisure in your garden

At The Green Spot Home & Garden, our carefully selected inventory offers you accents for all the elements of your garden: earth, wind, fire and water. Our goal is to inspire you and help you achieve your gardening goals with our unique, quality products and services.

The concept of gardening has become a fusion of horticulture and architectural design. Plant containers, fireplaces, water gardens, dining areas and unique garden art pieces are popular features for partios, decks, balconies and gardens. Find them all at The Green Spot.

No other activity has grown as rapidly as gardening in recent times. Classified as a leisure activity, gardening is at the top of Statistics Canada’s list with more than 80% of Canadians claiming to garden to some extent. This passion for gardening will only increase in the future. While this hobby needn’t be expensive, Canadians collectively spend $3 billion a year on their lawns and gardens. The exposure from programming on popular speciality TV channels has increased homeowners’ desire and confidence when it comes to beautifying their yards and gardens, and expanding their living space beyond the walls of their homes.

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